Ads Beginning Today will Support Candidates for Arizona Corporation Commission and North Carolina Lieutenant Governor

Today, Beyond Carbon Victory Fund, part of Beyond Carbon, founded by Mike Bloomberg and the largest-ever coordinated campaign to combat the climate crisis in the U.S., announced ads in support of Democrat Yvonne Lewis Holley for Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina and the Solar Team, including Democrats Anna Tovar and Bill Mundell, running for Arizona Corporation Commission. These candidates are climate champions who support policies and regulations aimed at combating climate change and addressing its dangerous impacts.

Yvonne Lewis Holley, when elected, will be North Carolina’s first African American Lieutenant Governor, and will serve as president of the Senate, chair of the Energy Policy Council, and will determine the fate of critical legislation. This historic race gives voters a choice between a candidate who has spent her entire career serving North Carolina families in state government and a candidate better known for his record of insensitive comments than for serving North Carolina.

Winning a climate majority on the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) is critical to ensuring Arizona can move away from dependence on coal and transition toward renewable energy instead of increasing its reliance on gas. The ACC also regulates utilities and sets minimum renewable energy standards. Democrats Bill Mundell, Anna Tovar, and Shea Stanfield are running as the Solar Team, a three candidate Democrat slate. The Solar Team’s climate forward policy commitments are critical, not only to fighting the climate crisis, but will ensure that Arizonans’ interests, not those of energy corporations and their executives, are put first.

“Our Beyond Carbon Victory Fund campaign aims to elect champions of climate action all over the country — at all levels of government where an impact can be made,” said Mike Bloomberg. “These races may not make headline news, but I’m glad to support candidates in North Carolina and Arizona who will be leaders on climate action and the urgent work of moving our country more quickly to a 100% clean energy economy.”

Beyond Carbon Victory Fund’s ads in North Carolina will include a TV ad entitled “Fighting for Us” which will begin airing this week on broadcast and local cable with an ad buy of $2 million through October 19 and on radio this week with an ad buy of more than $32,000 through October 19. An additional $431,000 in digital and programmatic ads will also run this week. Beyond Carbon Victory Fund is also supporting North Carolina State Senator Kirk deViere (D-Fayetteville) in Senate District 19, including through radio and digital and programmatic advertising. This week, Beyond Carbon Victory Fund will air nearly $17,000 in radio advertising through October 19.

Beyond Carbon Victory Fund’s work in Arizona will include $315,000 in direct mail, as well as digital and programmatic, TV, and radio advertising over the coming weeks. This week, Beyond Carbon Victory Fund will air over $1.6 million in TV advertising, including an ad entitled “Plain Wrong,” and nearly $183,000 in digital advertising in Arizona.

About Beyond Carbon Victory Fund
To help address the mounting climate change crisis, Michael R. Bloomberg launched Beyond Carbon, a first-of-its-kind ambitious plan against climate change in the United States. Beyond Carbon Victory Fund is working in key states across the country to help elect climate champions that will get the country on the path to a 100 percent clean energy economy and ensure that after the 2020 election, the next administration inherits a country already well on the way to a full clean energy future.